Acti-Gel 208® presented at the ACT ’18 Conference

On the 13th of November, Mr. Harold Faber presented his paper about New Rheological additive
for water-based coatings at the ACT ’18 in Gliwice, Poland.

The ACT ’18 was the 13th International Scientific-Technical Conference organised by the IMPIB. The conference focused on advances in coatings technology.

In his presentation Mr. Faber reviews the common used thickening and suspending stabilizing agents available in today’s market. These agents include:

  • Clay minerals (a.o. magnesium aluminium silicate, attapulgite and bentonite)
  • Organic thickening agents (such as cellulose ethers and acrylic thickeners)

Mr. Faber emphasized the advantages of the use of Acti-Gel 208®: a unique magnesium aluminium silicate offering a combination of excellent stability and workability for many water based products. Acti-Gel 208® is produced by Active Minerals International:  the world leader in attapulgite production, based in the US.

Faber&VanderEnde BV represents Active Minerals in greater Europe since the year 2000.

Acti-Gel 208® provides a very high viscosity at rest and an extreme low viscosity after applying a little shear (pseuplastic flow properties). It is highly useful in preventing sedimentation and syneresis in medium to high PVC paints.

More information about Acti-Gel 208® can be found on our Inorganic Thickeners page.


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