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Diatomaceaus earth

EP Minerals is world’s second largest producer of diatomaceous earth. They are specialized in functional fillers/filter aids.

We represent EP Minerals with the product lines mentioned below.

Diatomaceous earth, also known as kieselguhr or perlite is a versatile mineral. It is used in many filtration applications but also widely used in paint.

We offer Celatom diatomaceous earth for the use in beer and liquid foodstuff filtration, coatings and adhesives and in the foundry industry.

Advantages of Celatom diatomaceous earth in filtration are that all Celatom grades are based on sweet water diatoms resulting in very pure products.

We also offer an acid washed grade for high end applications.

Advantages of using Celatom in coatings are high whiteness and low cost,  improvement of water permeability, matting effect and much more.

Perlite is used as filteraid in many chemicals filtration processes. We offer a full range with the permeability that fits your needs.


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