Faber&VanderEnde B.V and Faber&VanderEnde GmbH now offer you more as part of RBH Group

As part of our commitment to constantly working hard to improve our industry leading range of products and service, I am delighted to announce that Faber&VanderEnde B.V and Faber&VanderEnde GmbH have agreed to become part of UK based Richard Baker Harrison Ltd (RBH Group). RBH is a leading supplier of speciality functional materials, additives and chemicals to polymer and related industries. Aligning our expertise in high quality performance materials for the coatings, construction, adhesives & sealants and molecular sieves/filtration sectors perfectly complements the range currently offered by RBH Group and further strengthens their geo expansion into Europe.

Both Faber&VanderEnde B.V and Faber&VanderEnde GmbH will remain as independent members of RBH Group and I am delighted to be joining a team whose entrepreneurial spirit means we will work together to offer a wider portfolio of materials and more efficient supply chains.


What does this mean for Faber&VanderEnde B.V and Faber&VanderEnde GmbH?

This acquisition strengthens our links to a number of industries, including high quality performance materials for the adhesive & sealant, construction, coatings and molecular sieves/filtration sectors. This will help to deliver the sector leading expertise needed to help overcome the challenges faced in the production of complex formulations.


How will this benefit our customers?

As customers of RBH Group our customers will gain access to a much broader portfolio of specialist products and a commitment from RBH to deliver outstanding value, innovative solutions and customer service. I am looking forward to continuing working with you to capitalise on the many opportunities now available.

At this stage there is no need for customers to change any of their current contact details. Further information will be provided in due course.

In this presentation customers can find additional details about RBH.



If you have any questions about RBH, Faber&VanderEnde B.V or Faber&VanderEnde GmbH, and how we can help your business to thrive, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


Yours sincerely,

Harold Faber

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