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Hollow ceramic spheres & Wollastonite

Osthoff Omega Group is a German company, specialized in light weight and specialty fillers and represented by us in the Benelux.

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Hollow ceramic spheres

A complete range of products is available:

  • Hollow ceramic spheres (Omega Spheres; cenospheres in grey and off-white)
  • Glass Bubbles (Omega Bubbles, made from recycled glass)


Wollastonite is a natural occurring white acicular mineral. It is inert, has low loss on ignition, no water solubility and a low efficient of linear thermal expansion.
Wollastonite is available in aspect-ratio of 3:2 to 20:1, from 8 μm to 1000 μm. It’s also available modified with various coatings as per customer needs and are sold as Fillex.
The product is fire resistant and extremely alkali-resistant.

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