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U.S. Silica is our reliable supplier for silica.


High purity silica

Our ground and fine-ground (micronized) silica’s are naturally bright white, low in moisture, and chemically inert. They contain at least 99.5% pure SiO2 and are used in many different products requiring rigid control of physical and chemical properties.

SIL-CO-SIL®, ground silica, is available in more than ten uniform grades, ranging from 120 to 400 mesh in top size.

MIN-U-SIL®, micronized silica, is available in five grades, ranging from 40 down to 5 microns in top size.

Applications are in:

As a filler and extender in paint formulations, U.S. Silica's fine-ground silica renders paint more resistant to chemical attack because of its acid resistance and improves scrubb- and burnish resistance. Its durability and chemical inertness make it an excellent product for epoxies, coatings, mastics, adhesives, and sealants.

In ceramics, U.S. Silica's high quality ground silica provides a bright, white silica base for glazes and bodies, and the consistent size distribution assures reproducible viscosity in slips.

Plastic & Rubber:
Ground silica has found wide industrial application as an additive for plastics and rubber.

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